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50 Language in Use Exercises (Levels A2&B1)

50 Language in Use Exercises (Levels A2&B1)



Most pupils, but especially those who are in the early stages of language learning, find it difficult to use English words and phrases in context. With my PDFs, they will learn to do it successfully.

The Language in Use PDFs are for pupils with 3-5 years of English (at levels A2 & B1 of the Common European Framework of References for Languages CEFRL). The package has 81 pages and includes 50 Language in Use Exercises with answers. They are in the following formats: multiple choice, word formation, editing, open-gap and banked gap-fill (details see photo).

All texts cover basic as well as current topics like distance learning, the coronavirus, travelling, Australia, Ireland, the world of work, friendship, education, eating habits and many MORE. Pupils who have done these worksheets have a good basic vocabulary and are ready for higher level Language in Use exercises.

Enjoy working with my English PDFs!