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All about Easter A1 level absolute beginners

All about Easter A1 level absolute beginners



They are perfect for students learning English at A1 level (absolute beginners!!!). The content of this PDF-package is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and includes the following:

-reading comprehension
-vocabulary exercises
-grammar exercises (a-an, personal pronouns possessive pronouns, can/cannot, there is/there are, prepositions in/on/to, word order, present simple, have/has, am/is/are)

By using these PDFs, students will acquire Easter vocabulary and revise basic grammar. The PDF package consists of 12 pages including exercises and answers. It will take students 2 or 3 English lessons to complete all the tasks in this package. The PDFs are not only useful for students but also support teachers in lesson planning and guarantee an enjoyable teaching experience. In addition, the material saves teachers a lot of preparation time and makes learning more exciting for the students.

available: immediately

photocopiable for English lessons and home study (details see terms and conditions)

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