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All about Superheroes

All about Superheroes


perfect for distance learning or self-guided learning in the English lesson.

These PDFs are designed for English lessons targeted at students who have COMPLETED 3 years of English (levels A2-B1).

It consists of:

-a Reading Task

-a Crossword

-Language in Use/Vocabulary Tasks (multiple choice, word formation, editing, open gap …)

-Grammar Tasks

-Writing Tasks

-Speaking Tasks

-a Vocabulary List with useful words and phrases you need for talking about Superheroes


The PDFs help students to acquire basic vocabulary in context by reading, writing, speaking and doing grammar and vocabulary exercises. The film project at the end of the PDF package allows students to work on their own and show their creativity. With these exercises, students will acquire and revise vocabulary in context instead of learning words from word lists. The package has 24 pages including answers.