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They are for primary school pupils to acquire basic vocabulary in a variety of different activities instead of having to study long world lists. The PDF package has 27 packages including answers and a set of flashcards that can be used for all sorts of creative activities to practise vocabulay. It also has templates for a pair match game. The package starts with exercises for beginners and ends with more complex tasks. The PDFs save teachers a lot of preparation time and makes learning more effective and motivating for pupils.

total number of pages (including answers: 27)
number of pages with theory and exercises: 9
plus: flashcards & game templates for the pair match game
available: immediately
photocopiable for English lessons and home study (details see terms and conditions)

how to get the PDFs: After successful completion of the payment process, an email with a DOWNLOAD LINK will immediately be sent to you. The whole process normally only takes a few seconds after you have bought the PDFs. If you click on this link, your PDFs will automatically be downloaded. If you don’t get a link or you cannot open the link, please contact office@englishpdfs.com .