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corona virus

corona virus


The Coronavirus Project is designed especially for English lessons targeted at students who have already COMPLETED 3 years of English (levels A2-B1). The topic and all exercises are related to the coronavirus. As the content of this project is based on the CEFR, it is the perfect activity for a successful and productive English lesson and is ideal for home revision.

It consists of:

  •  Reading Tasks
  •  Language in Use/Vocabulary Exercises
  •  Grammar Tasks
  •  Writing Tasks
  •  Speaking Tasks
  • a Vocabulary List with useful words and phrases you need for talking about the coronavirus

This project gives you coronavirus-related vocabulary embedded in reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary exercises. Using new words and phrases IN CONTEXT not only makes language learning more exciting and up-to-date, but is also more effective than making students learn word lists. Students also revise and repeat various grammar areas learned over 3 years with a main focus on an issue currently in the news.

This activity saves teachers a lot of preparation time. It has 28 pages (including answers) and it takes 6-8 lessons for students to complete the project. During this time, the teacher’s role is to just…

  • give feedback to students on the speaking tasks
  • provide the students with the answers for self-evaluation and give further explanation when needed
  • correct the writing tasks

 The coronavirus project has been checked and approved by AGES, the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety.