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Cup Game Irregular Verbs

Cup Game Irregular Verbs



This PDF package has irregular verbs in the present simple, past simple, and past participle that can be laminated for the cup game. It does NOT include cups. All the verbs for this game, word list, rules and answers are sent to you in PDF format.

Examples of irregular verbs:  got, had, forgotten, write, seen

How to play the cup game

Stick a label on five different coloured cups, for example, ‘PRESENT SIMPLE’ on a yellow cup, ‘PAST SIMPLE’ on a blue cup, ‘PAST PARTICIPLE’ on a green cup. Cut out irregular verbs (for example ‘WROTE’, ‘SEEN’) and laminate them. ‘WROTE’ goes in the blue cup and ‘SEEN’ in the green cup etc. (see photo)

For example:

yellow cup: present tense verbs (e.g. drive, write, go …)

blue cup: past tense verbs (e.g. drove, wrote, went …)

light green cup: past participle verbs (e.g. driven, written, gone … )

orange cup: verbs with the same three forms (e.g. put-put-put)

pink cup: verbs with the same present simple and past simple (e.g. beat-beat-beaten)

dark green cup: verbs with the same past simple and past participle (e.g. stand-stood-stood)

The cup game can be played alone or in groups. When there is one player, he/she puts the verbs into the matching cups. The correct answer can be checked by using the answer sheet. You can also have a competition in an English lesson. Groups of students are given cups and (laminated) verbs which they put into the matching cups. The winner is the player/the group who has the most correct answers.

You can also invent your own cup game and change the rules.