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irregular verbs

irregular verbs



Tired of struggling with irregular verbs? You are not alone!!!

My PDFs will help pupils master them.

Many of the verbs we need when we speak or write English are irregular and that’s why it is so important to know the correct forms. However, learning them can be both boring and tough because most of these verbs do no follow a logical pattern. With these creative exercises, English learners get valuable tips and a lot of practice using irregular verbs correctly.

The package consists of 43 pages, including:

  • a list of the basic irregular verbs for levels A1-A2
  • tips on how to group them
  • irregular verbs exercises (gap-fill, filling in lists, crosswords)
  • answers to all exercises

total number of pages (including answers): 43
number of pages with theory & exercises: 32
available: immediately

photocopiable for English lessons and home study (details see terms & conditions)

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