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Present Simple vs Past Simple

Present Simple vs Past Simple



They are for students at A1 & A2 levels who can already use the present simple and the past simple. It is important to highlight that this package does not include any detailed theory and exercises for the present simple and the past simple but it focuses on the DIFFERENCE between these two tenses. The package has theory worksheets, exercises and answers to all exercises. It starts with basic exercises for beginners and concludes with more complex ones. It is therefore important that students work through the material step-by-step. Students who have completed these PDFs have an excellent knowledge of the differences between the present simple and the past simple. The PDFs are ideal for English lessons but can also be used for home revision.

total number of pages: 61
number of pages with theory and exercises: 38
available: immediately

photocopiable for English lessons and home study (details see terms and conditions)

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