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Tenses Mix – 2 Board Games

Tenses Mix – 2 Board Games


Mixed Tenses – 2 Board Games

This PDF package includes 2 game templates that can be laminated for the Mixed Tenses Board Game, the game rules and answers. It is designed for pupils after 3 years of English (levels A2 & B1) to revise the English tenses in a fun way. To play this game, pupils need to know the following tenses and conditionals: present simple, present continuous/progressive, past simple, past continuous/progressive, past perfect simple, present perfect simple, present perfect continuous/progressive, if-clause 0 (= zero conditional, present +present type, ), if-clause 1 (=WILL type), if-clause 2 (= would type), if-clause 3 (= would+have+3.form). For details and game rules see photos.