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All about Passive

All about Passive



They are  for English learners who have completed 2,5 years of English (levels A2 & B1). The PDF package  consists of different types of exercises, theory worksheets and an answer section. Pupils learn the passive step by step, starting with exercises for beginners and ending with more advanced tasks. Pupils who have completed these worksheets have an excellent knowledge of how to use the passive in English. These PDFs are perfect for English lessons but can also be used for home revision.

total number of pages (including answers): 116
number of pages with theory & exercises: 71
available: immediately

photocopiable for English lessons and home study (details see terms of conditions)

In order to make correct passive forms, it is important to know the 3. forms of the verbs. My PDF package ‘Irregular Verbs’ in the grammar section helps pupils to learn them.

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